This package provides the starting point to map out your startup idea and the initial analysis for product development.This includes:

  • General consultation with industry expert
  • Develop the Business Model Canvas
  • Identify your wow factor
  • Conduct competitive market analysis
  • Develop a pricing strategy

Timeline : 4 weeks


This package identifies your target customers and how to communicate your value proposition. This includes:

  • General consultation
  • Develop Business Model Canvas
  • Develop Pricing Strategy
  • Identify the Minimal Viable Product(MVP) features
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Product Launch Steps with timelines

Timeline : 6 weeks



This package provides a fully developed process to take your idea to market. This includes:

  • General consultation with industry expert
  • Finalize your business model
  • Identify features for Minimal viable product
  • Provides recommendations on software to be used
  • Develops Project Schedule with achievable timeline and milestones

Timeline : 12 weeks