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“Swathi helped me launch my application in the App Store.  She actually saved me money in development costs, she helped me focus on what was important and to get my product on the market for feedback.  She also helped me put together a great marketing plan which is critical before you launch.

The best part of working with Swathi is that she helps you accomplish the goals you establish when you start to work with her. She connects you with the right people based on what you need.  She is very knowledgeable about startups and what it takes to succeed, she is always willing to go the extra mile to help you because she is vested in your success. ”

– Anasofia M , CEO, Byteknack (Maryanne in Logicland on App Store)

-Amanda M, Founder, MarkMyMap

Swathi really helped me stratergize, plan and reach out to appropriate customers and help me interview them with appropriate questions. As, we all know that having customer is the key for success of any business and she has specialized skills in making sure we get paid customers.“- Smitha D , Founder,MyHairDrobe