Hello, I’m Swathi Young and thank you for stopping by my page. The year was 1997 and the only thing that mattered was that I landed a job even before I graduated from engineering college. Never mind the fact that I did not want to study engineering 5 years before.

That job and several others introduced me to the world of technology where I was coding and doing the “techie” stuff initially.

But, I was missing something.

How is the technology I developed used by businesses?

It took me many years before it all began to make sense. Yes, I did not go to the library not did I pore over google searches.

It was the multiple projects I worked on in India,Belgium, France and the United States that connected the dots between how to use technology for business benefits.

I was hooked. I understood what it meant when sales orders were delayed, how large organizations introduced new technology products to the market and how budgets/pricing and ROI is something that is very important in the world of technology.

Fast forward to 20 years later and I use this knowledge – the business acumen, product launches and product development, to help startups accelerate their time to market.

My initial work with startups helped me realize that Lean Startup and Design thinking were stand-alone methodologies.

In order to take an idea to revenue we need to combine the best practices of Lean Startup + Design thinking + Agile Engineering and thus was formed the Lean Value Launch framework.

This framework focuses on actionable steps to take your idea , work on an MVP , launch and hit revenue. All within 90 days.

My goal is to help all budding startups, i-woke-up-with-an-idea entrepreneurs, wannapreneurs and everyone in between, to realize their vision through a tried, tested and step-by-step framework.

Email me at swathi@startupdevlabs.com with any questions, comments or even criticism. I am always eager to hear from you.